Some insight and tips for attendees to Connected World Summit

from Mark Johnstone, Event Director.


15 Quick Tips To Help You Navigate Connected World Summit

1. Reach Out To Your Social Network and See Who Is Attending

Post about attending the event to your social network. See who else is going? This is a fantastic way to connect with colleagues and peers across your social channels. Worth noting also that its much easier to spark conversations with new attendees when you are already speaking with someone at the coffee cart!

When you aren’t worried about standing around doing nothing, it can actually be a lot easier to put yourself in front of new people.

2. Arrive Early and Bring Your Confirmation

Registration opens from 8.30. Bring a copy of your confirmation (on your phone is fine!) to help our registration staff search for your badge and print this off for you.

3. Agenda

Familiarise yourself with the agenda. We have 3 tracks on day 1 and 4 on day 2. The agenda is responsive and works well on your mobile device. This will be kept up-to-date throughout the show. Large agenda boards will be present outside each theatre. Handouts and event guides will not be available at this event - its all online!

Click here for the full programme.

4. Capacities in Each Room

Unless you have a VIP pass, access to each room is on a first come, first served basis. Some topics will be more popular than others. Please use all of the seats provided. Plan ahead to ensure you are present for the talks you really want to participate in. If a room is oversubscribed, what's the next best option? 

5. Networking

Over 90% of you have given networking as a reason for attending. So if you are feeling a little lost or unsure of who to talk to, the chances are very high that you're stood next to someone else who has also listed networking as a reason for being there. In my experience, its the conversations on the show floor that make an event for attendees. Have some questions prepped - What speakers have you come to hear from?  What made you come today?

Don't just reach for your phone!

6. Demo Talks

Short, informal demo talks will take place during the conference intervals. These can also be found on the agenda. Each will take place at the demo’ers exhibition stand. Listen, ask questions and connect with our partners. Take advantage of their knowledge. And connect with those attendees also listening to the demo talk - a great networking opportunity and ice breaker!

7. Catering

If you are attending for free then catering isn't provided. Use the catering cart onsite for refreshments. The lunch interval is a great time to meet other attendees. Join a table with others already on. This could be a great opportunity to connect with your fellow attendees.

8. Use The Conference Hashtag

Use the event hashtag #connectedworld2019 and #smarthomesummit2019 to see who is attending pre-show and who is present onsite. Join the online debate and bring the discussion to the show floor.

9. Join the LinkedIn Group

Identify some of the attendees to the show in our LinkedIn group ( Start a discussion. Identify colleagues and peers from their profile pics.

10. LinkedIn Mobile App

We are BIG LinkedIn fans! Have the LinkedIn mobile app ready to fire off connection requests when you meet people at the show.

11. All Attendees Get the Conference Slides

If you attend the show, you will get a copy of all the slides that our speakers release. We will email you a copy of the stack to download as soon after the event as possible - typically within 48 hours.

12. Take Pictures

Take pictures of the speakers and stands and add notes to your mobile device to help jog your memory when you get back to the office.

13. Day Two

We have an exceptional line-up on day 2 of the event so make sure you are present. Opening event days are always very busy and franetic. The 2nd day is always a change of pace and is where some of the best conversations take place! We are excited to host demos from some major industry players including Cisco, Bosch, Microsoft, Avanade and Sennheiser.

14. Get to Know The Organisers!

Take some time to get to know us. When we aren't running around we might be able to help you connect with other attendees. Or recommend a speaker or session? And we can make an introduction to our event partners.

15. Feedback

We want to hear what you think of the show and where we can make improvements! Plans for 2020 are in place and we want you to be there. What topics have you enjoyed. What should we add for 2020? What companies should have a presence? Which speakers would you like to see?

See you there!