The Future of Cities in 2050

It’s estimated that by 2050, two thirds of our population will be living in urban areas. This is likely to have a huge impact on the demands of city services. In actuality, entire infrastructures will be reshaped around this influx of residents. This change will be bolstered by technological advancements. Our cities will be smarter, more sustainable and intelligent. So what will the future of cities in 2050 look like?



The Revolution of Transport

We’re already seeing new tech emerge to disrupt the transport industry. From Uber’s ease of ordering to Tesla’s greener alternatives. We could even be on the cusp of an autonomous vehicle revolution.

So how will today’s advances affect transport networks in three decades’ time?

Autonomous vehicles will be the everyday norm. Expect your commute to be spent catching up on emails or your favourite shows while your car does all the work. You won’t even have to hunt for a parking space, the car will do that for you.

It’s public transport where we’ll see the most change. Imagine complete networks of intelligent, self-driving pods. These will replace set route and timetabled services. Instead, you can hire a pod via app which will take you to your destination, picking up any passengers heading in the same direction en-route.

So what will this mean for our cities?

The onset of efficient public transport will lead to a dramatic decrease in the number of owned cars. This will mean better air quality, more open green spaces and even more space allocated to bicycles.


Smart and Sustainable Buildings

Public buildings will become intelligent in their operation and daily maintenance. They will gather data about their occupants and visitors. This data will be used to regulate things like temperature and safety as well as aiding in continual improvements.

Innovations like solar windows will lead to buildings becoming sustainable in their energy consumption. Any surplus energy will be shared with surrounding vehicles and structures in need.


The Future High Street

Your shopping experience will also evolve with technological advancements. Upon entering a clothing store, through clever use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, you’ll be assigned an interactive changing room.  This will already know your dress size, fashion preferences and upcoming social events. By using this info, you’ll receive hyper-personalised recommendations.


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