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Multipole™ is the brand of Goldspar Australia and comprises a range of aluminium multi-function Smart Columns that are installed around the world to house todays Smart City technologies. 

Goldspar are leading designers and manufacturers of a variety of tubular aluminium products.

In 1997, our Multipole™ was conceived as the light pole of the future. Originally known as Smartpole, it was designed to offer, via an integrated bracketing system, a column that had multi-function capability meaning multiple applications could be simply be attached, relocated, removed and replaced as cities requirements changed and technology developed. It delivers an adaptable, sustainable, long lasting, aesthetic platform to house and support the lighting and digital infrastructure required by todays advanced cities.

Goldspar Australia’s global operations are headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1979 the business initially specialised in extruded tubular aluminium items such as yacht masts, flag poles and sporting posts. Over time the company has expanded to offer many diversified products.
Multipole manufactures its aluminium products in Australia, India, China and plans are well advanced in Europe.