Neel Ratan

Regional Managing Partner, PwC

Neel Ratan is a Managing Partner at PwC India. He is Government Sector leader at PwC India, along with being the global leader of the Digital Government Network (a global PwC network). He has over 27 years of experience serving clients across the areas of Public Policy, Government Transformation, Government Strategy, Government Process Reforms, large digital Government Initiatives, among others.

Neel has led and worked on various large transformative programs in over 20 countries and regions including UK, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and South East Asia. Neel is particularly passionate about improving citizens’ experience with Government and how technology can be leveraged for meeting the sustainable development goals and improving the quality of life for the citizen.

In India, Neel has been advising the Government on various policy related matters related to the digital society and how it can used for making a more connected and empowering society which allows citizens to participate in the decision-making process.

Neel also drives various Urban Development Programs in India and other countries including the Smart City initiatives and has been guiding various city administrations towards making cities more sustainable for the future.

Neel is a distinguished member of Technical Committees on Telecommunication, ICT Standards, E-Government Services, Government of India National Advisory Board on Information Security, NASSCOM; eBusiness Task Force, Federation Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry; National Committee on Information Technology & Ecommerce; Editorial Advisory Board, CIO Magazine.