Dr. Vahid Javidroozi

Research Fellow in Smart City Systems Engineering, Birmingham City University

Dr Vahid Javidroozi is currently a Research Fellow working on various research projects in smart cities, city systems integration, digital transformation, and process change. During one of his research project succeeds, Vahid has developed a business process-centric framework for smart cities, so-called "FABS", developed by applying a combination of systems engineering, systems thinking, and critical realism philosophy principles for smart city development. 

Vahid is also a SAP ERP associate certified consultant, as well as a LEGO Serious Play certified Facilitator. Many insights from all his qualifications, research projects and industrial experiences will inform his future work, especially the progression and implementation of FABS. As a career academic, all the work he is doing across systems engineering, smart city development, enterprise systems, and information systems contexts, link in one way or another on improving the integration of people, process, and technology to support well-being and enhance quality of life at all levels.