Jennifer Major

Head of IoT, SAS UK & Ireland

I have spent my career at SAS working as an analytics consultant across a range of industry sectors. My job is to help organisations to create and act on insight from data.

For years, statistical analysis and modelling was considered the domain of the geeks. But since it has been rebranded as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science, analytics has undergone a make-over and become seriously fashionable. Suddenly, everyone is interested in my dinner party anecdotes of how organisations have harnessed analytics to achieve remarkable things.

Add that to the recognition of the huge potential of IoT data, and it seems that some people think that AI will run the world.

But with great knowledge, comes great responsibility: AI needs governance, and Human Intelligence to ensure that it continues to do good.

So, to be more specific, my job is to help organisations create and act on insight from data in a governed, secure, transparent and ethical manner.