David Smart

Business Development Director, Europe, Roost

David is an unashamed enthusiast for all things Smart Home - his own home uses just about every type of Smart Home device on the market to make life easier, more enjoyable and safer.  He is also an advocate for the benefits of the Smart Home being available to everyone and not just those with high levels of disposable income and technology enthusiasm.  During his career he has worked in the Insurance, Technology and Publishing sectors including for The Economist, Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems and the Insurance Services Office.  He is constantly on the look-out for new technology and trends that can help insurers and their customers to “Avoid the Bad and Access the Good”.  He is currently Business Development Director for Roost Inc., a Silicon Valley Electronics company providing IoT and Telematics capabilities for insurers to improve long-term engagement with their policyholders and to prevent bad incidents developing into major claims.  Roost partners with over 30 of the world’s leading insurers to help them change from “payers of indemnity” to “providers of Peace of Mind”.