Brian Kinane

Brian Kinane

Partner, Sure Ventures

Brian has 23 years’ experience in technology and finance, including 15 years in the technology and telecoms industries and eight years’ experience in growth and venture capital principal investment and finance.

Brian has extensive experience of international corporate venturing and product management at leading global companies such as Ericsson Group and Telenor Group in the broadband and mobile industry sectors.

In addition, Brian held a number of executive board-level positions at high growth technology start-ups including the position of board director and seed shareholder of FeedHenry which was acquired by RedHat, Inc. for €63 million in 2014.

During the last eight years, Brian has held senior positions at a UK investment manager regulated by the FCA, which advised on the deployment of debt and equity capital to both private and public venture and growth stage companies. Brian holds a first-class degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, MBAs from Columbia and London Business Schools and is a patent holder.