Sarah Glova

Director of Growth & Communications, RIoT

Dr. Sarah Glova is Director of Growth & Communications for RIoT, an IoT-focused economic development nonprofit. Sarah supports the development of an IoT-ready ecosystem and directs related smart city projects by working with corporate sponsors, government officials, economic development stakeholders, researchers, and startups. She hosts RIoT's first podcast, RIoT Underground.

Sarah is also the founder of the award-winning digital media firm Reify Media. She started the company in 2012, grew it to over half a million in revenue after only three years, and continues to be the sole owner with a team of 50+ contractors and clients across the country.

Sarah has a PhD in Instructional Technology from NC State, and she’s a published author who’s spoken internationally about IoT, entrepreneurship, smart cities, women in business, and diversity and inclusion.