Fredrik Hofflander

Head of AI and Future Technologies, ÅF Consult


Technology and business leader with a strong focus on helping companies getting to the next level of their work within AI. Passion for building up high performance, cross-functional and self-managed balanced teams.

Currently building and leading a team of senior Data scientist, AI-developers and Data Engineers. The main focus of the team is to become a knowledge hub within the field of AI. This is done by building strong independent consultants and a tool box of great analytics tool, like the machine vision platform

The switch between strategical and managerial job, as well as being able to dig deep into the technology is one of my main drivers. I'm keen on solving problem with the right technology instead of just throwing new, hyped, heavy algorithms on everything. These are great and interesting in a lot of ways, but who isn't fascinated when the right solution for a complex problem turns out to be a polynomial regression.