Gabriel DellaMonica

Gabriel DellaMonica

CEO and Founder, Hydrao

Gabriel is CEO of Smart & Blue. He founded the company in 2015 to pursue his personal vision of applying connected technology innovation to protect clean water resources on our planet – by placing water users at the heart of its conservation.

Before that Gabriel worked at ST Microelectronics / ST Ericsson from 2000 to 2015 in France and in Sweden,  where he was most recently the head of the Smartphones & tablets /Home getaways RF system department. Prior to that he was a senior technical executive on numerous microelectronic R&D projects. In parallel, Gabriel participated in a crossorganizational initiative between ST Microelectronics and Minatec Ideas Lab, to design,
develop and promote connected objects for real-life needs. The results included an epileptic seizure detector developed with a French epileptics association.

Prior to joining ST, Gabriel was responsible for managing the Telecoms arm of the ARIANE space shuttle for Alcatel Space / CNES in Kourou, French Guiana. He also spent seven years with Alcatel Space in Toulouse, France, in various research management, project management and product management roles.

Gabriel has Master’s degree in engineering from the Supélec engineering school in Paris and has published numerous technology and telecom-related studies. He also holds multiple patents.

He lives near Grenoble, France, with his wife and four daughters.