Christina Patsioura

Christina Patsioura

IoT Research Analyst, Beecham Research

Christina is an IoT Research Analyst at Beecham Research LTD, with a particular focus on the Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Analytics.

Since 2015, she has been working as an IoT Industry Analyst in Germany and the UK, monitoring the overall market activity, performing analyses of companies and use cases. She has co-authored an extensive report on Industrial Data Analytics and she has delivered conference presentations on the potential of the IoT Market and the IoT Platforms Market and the topic of Industrial Analytics, in events such as the IoT Tech Expo, Smart Manufacturing and the Athens IoT Conference.

She holds a MEng in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering and she has completed a thesis on the topic of Investment Analysis for the Telecommunications sector, towards the adoption of Smart Services and the network upgrade to support LTE technologies.