Ulrich Seldeslachts


Ulrich Seldeslachts is the executive director of LSEC, a not for profit industry association focused on Information Security in Europe, based out of Belgium. Since 2012, LSEC has been leading industrial developments in transactional security and cyber security. This includes activities in the domain of industrial control systems and automation. 3IF, a collaboration with industry association Sirris for the automation of manufacturing, LSEC is spearheading activities and support for industrial internet, industry 4.0 and industrial IoT developments in Belgium and Flanders. Based upon its prior expertise in IT Systems Security and cyber security, LSEC is playing an active role in the development of security policies and practices in the domain. Prior to LSEC, Mr Seldeslachts was responsible for the corporate development of a US-European Broadband wireless operator, a broadband internet operator, a security engineering company, and many other innovative projects. He is a corporate advisor to various VC’s in security, telecoms, ICT and media. He works as an independent columnist for various professional publications. Mr Seldeslachts has an experience in business and corporate development, and company innovation.

He holds a BA in Communication Sciences, postgraduates in Computer Sciences and Economics and an MBA from LBS. Within LSEC, Mr Seldeslachts is part of a team of 12 experienced professionals supporting the development of IT security in Europe, and paving the way for a more secure industrial internet.