Antti Vihavainen

Business Development, Cozify

Antti founded his 1st company while he was studying his MSc (econ) in 1995. The company helped Finnish mid-sized companies to internationalize their operations. After graduation he started to work for Sonera, where he learned the importance of timing. His team built a bunch of advanced location based services way too early.

At F-Secure Antti was responsible for the Wireless Security Business Unit. The strategy was to focus all activities to close deals with 5 biggest operators. Within 3 years we had signed deals with T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, and Telecom Italy Mobile. 

Before joining Cozify Antti was the CEO of Anvia Corporate Services Ltd., a 40M€ unit of Anvia Oyj. There he designed and concluded a major organization change to improve the customer experience for the corporate customers.