Bill Harpley

Bill Harpley

Director, Futurist and Principal Consultant, Astius Technology

Bill Harpley has more than three decades of experience in Electronics, IT and Mobile Telecoms. He has worked as a consultant for many blue-chip telco companies in both the UK and continental Europe.

Bill is very active on the Brighton tech scene. He is the founder of Astius Technology, a consultancy which specialises in IoT, Blockchain and Wireless/Mobile networks. 

He has made a number of important contributions to building capabilities in the Brighton & Sussex area:

  • He is the founder of  the Brighton node of the global Things Network. The goal is to build a free LoRaWAN network across the Greater Brighton region of the South coast.  A rich community data set then can emerge, for use in schools, businesses, universities and public sector organisations.
  • Bill is the  founder and leader of the very popular Brighton IoT Forum meetup group, which has 700+ members. 
  • Brighton is soon to get its own 5G testbed. Naturally, Bill is a leading evangelist for all things 5G in the Brighton area.