Jacob Lundgaard

Jacob Lundgaard

Director of Living Labs and Smart Cities, Gate 21

Since 2008 I have worked primarily with 

*    Public Private Innovation to support the green transition and create green jobs
*    Large innovation projects across multiple actors from various sectors
*    Strategic urban development with a focus on partnerships, sustainability and growth
*    Living Labs and Smart City solutions

My main strength is in bringing together diverse stakeholders across sectors, establishing ambitious strategic visions and goals – and executing these efficiently and smoothly with partners in significant innovation projects and partnerships.

I have extensive experience with project development and management with a focus on partnerships and co-creation, facilitation of development processes and events, and strategic communication.
I have been speaker and moderator at numerous conferences, master classes and workshops on public-private innovation, the proactive role of municipalities in the green transition, Living Labs as paths to smarter cities and green growth etc.