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sourceCREATOR™ is developed by visualSilicon™ (http://visualSilicon.com) which is based in Cambridge, UK.

visualSilicon is a software and hardware consultancy business and its vision is to be world's number one Multimedia System on a Chip (SoC) design consultancy firm. It specialises in Multimedia IP (GPU, Video and Display) software and hardware integration of ARM® Mali™ family of products.

visualSilicon was founded to assist SoC vendors and Embedded system designers in meeting the tight deadlines that today's fast moving industries demand. Multimedia intellectual properties such as GPU, Video and Display IP are among the fastest moving technologies today. By solely focusing on products within this category (specifically the ARM® Mali™ family of multimedia IP), visualSilicon aims to assist vendors and designers in critical areas which require state of the art in-depth knowledge of such systems. The founders of visualSilicon have many years of experience in the industry. visualSilicon was founded to share this experience with the world.