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Smart Home Summit
Day 1
09:10-09:15: Chairman’s Welcome

Bill Ablondi, Director Smart Home Systems, Strategy Analytics

09:15-09.35: Enabling the Most Natural UI for the Home
09:35-10.15: Visionary Insight: Security, Health, Cost-Saving, Entertainment – What will be the Key Trigger for Smart Home Growth?
10:20-10.40: Delivering Affordable Smart Home Services
10.40-11.10: Networking Break, Exhibition Visit and Refreshments
11.10-11.50: Executive Analysis: Who Will Control the Smart Home?
11.50-12.10: Adding Value to Smart Home Products to Increase Adoption
12.10-12.30: Collaborating to Ensure Top Quality Products and Service
12.30-12.50: Managing the Complexity of Homes and Buildings Through an Open Platform System
12.50-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.20: Making Smart Home Real for Real Customers
14.20-14.40: Smart Home – Quo Vadis?
14.40-15.20: Interface Evaluation: Selecting the Optimum Interface for Smart Home Control
15.20-15.40: Networking Refreshment Break
15.40-16.00: Assessing and Mitigating Diverse Security Requirements in the Smart Home
16.00-16.40: Leaders’ Opinion: Product or App – Which Determines the User Experience?
16.50-17.30 5YFN - The Smart Home
Day 2
09.00-09.05: Chairman's Welcome

Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates

09.05-09.40: Retail Strategies: What Can Retailers Do to Enhance Smart Home Sales?
09.40-10.20: Executive Insight: How Can Retailers and Manufacturers Work Together Better to Focus on the Mass Market?
10.20-10.40: Providing Effective Customer Support to Increase the Adoption of Smart Home Technology
10.45-11.15: Networking Refreshment Break
11.15-11.35: The Impact of DIWM on Channels to Market
11.35-12.15: Key Topic Debate: DIY or DIFM
12.15-12.35: The Role of Audio in the Smart Home
12.35-13.00: Smart Home Insurance – Innovation Across Industries
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.20: The Journey from Utility to Smart Home Provider
14.20-14.40: Home8 - The next Uber in the Home Security Market
14.40-15.20: Visionary Discussion: Changing the Way we Live with Connected Technology
15.20-15.40: Networking Refreshment Break
15.40-16.20: The Connectivity Discussion: Identifying Key Technology Drivers for Wider Adoption of Smart Home Solutions
16.20-16.55: Security Insight: Addressing Smart Home Security Concerns
16.55-17.15: Your Smart Home Questions Answered by our expert Smart Home Panel
17.15: Close of Summit
Smart Cities Summit
Day 1
09.00-09.15: Chairman’s Welcome
Arij van Berkel, Lux Research
09.15-10.00: Executive Analysis: How to Make a City Smart, Not Just Connected
10.00-10.20: Investing in Smart City Developments
10.20-10.40: Digitalising Cities to Enhance Lifestyles and Drive Economic Growth
10.40-11.10: Networking Break, Exhibition Visit and Refreshments
11.10-11.55: Spotlight on the Cities
11.55-12.15: How is Data Revolutionising the Road Transport Industry?
12.15-12.35: Intelligent Solutions for a Growing City
12.35-12.55: People in Smart Cities – Lessons From User Experience
12.55-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.40: Visionary Insight: Managing the Transition to the Smart City
14.40-15.00: Why We Must Gang Up On Our Cities to Make Them Smart...
15.00-15.30: The Environment Debate: Environmental Concerns as a Key Driver for Smart Cities
15.30-15.50: Networking Refreshment Break
15.50-16.10: Smart Cities and Sustainability
16.10-16.30: Smart Data and Smart Energy
16.30-17.00: The Energy Discussion: Putting Smart Energy at the Heart of the Smart City
17.00-17.00: 5YFN - The Smart City
Day 2
09.00-09.10: Chairman's Welcome
Eric Woods, Research Director, Navigant
09.10-09.30: Smart Citizens for a Smart City
09.30-09.50: Smart Regeneration - Old Oak and Park Royal Development
09.50-10.30: Executive Insight: Achieving Citizen Involvement and Buy-in
10.30-10.50: Smart City for Small Cities?
10.50-11.10: Networking Refreshment Break
11.10-11.45: Hot Topic Debate: Building an Ecosystem of Partners for Strong Smart City Growth
11.45-12.05: Open Data 2.0 – City Data Exchange in Copenhagen
12.05-12.25: Maximising Big Data to Provide Smart Solutions for Health and Wellbeing
12.25-13.00: Data Evaluation: Data Sharing and Analytics at the Heart of the Connected City
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.30: Transport Strategies: Intelligent Traffic Solutions
14.30-14.50: Enhancing the Smartness of Outdoor Urban Environments
14.50-15.10: Lessons from the Oxford Flood Network
15.10-15.30: Networking Refreshment Break
15.30-15.50: LPWA for Smart City Innovations
15.50-16.10: Pecha Kucha Session: Developing the Technology for Smarter Cities
16.10-16.40: Security and Privacy for Smart City Implementations
16.40-17.10: Your Smart Cities Questions Answered by our expert Smart Cities Panel
17.10: Close of Summit
Industrial Internet Summit
Day 1
09.10-09.15: Welcome from the Chairman
 Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
09.15-09.55: Visionary Analysis: Getting Past the Hype – Where Can Money be Made from the Industry of Things?
09.55-10.15: Where Do Real Industry of Things Opportunities Lie for Businesses and Consumers?
10.15-10.35: Digitisation of Manufacturing and Connecting the Supply Chain
10.35-10.55: From Guessing to Knowing - How IoT Applications Can Dramatically Increase Customer Value
10.55-11.20: Networking Break, Exhibition Visit and Refreshments
11.20-12.00: Executive Insight: Revolutionising Customer Relationships with IIoT
12.00 – 12.20: IoT and Water
12.20-12.40: Evaluating Security Requirements on a Case-by-Case Basis
12.40-13.00: How to Manage Turnaround and Growth in Today’s World of IoT
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.20: The Internet of Yellow Machines: How Connected Solutions Are Transforming the Construction Industry
14.20-14.40: Leveraging IoT Data for Predictive Maintenance to Increase Operational Efficiency
14.40-15.20: The Data Discussion: Are Organisations Maximising Data Useage?
15.20-15.40: Industrial Internet of Things and its Potential Impact upon Future Farming and Food
15.40-16.00: Networking Refreshment Break
16.00-16.30: IoT Leaders’ Debate: The Impact of IoT on the Innovation Potential of Established Industries
16.30-16.50: Digitising European industry and the work of the AIOTI
16.50-17.30: 5YFN - The Industrial Internet
Day 2
09.10-09.15: Chairman's Welcome
Laurenz Kirchner, Partner, mm1 Consulting
09.15-09.35: Connecting IT and OT: Open, Secured Industrial Interoperability Standards
09.35-09.55: The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) – Driving IoT in Industry
09.55-10.15: Transforming the Business: From Product Seller to Service Provider
10.15-10.35: Industrial IoT Requires Fit-For-Purpose Connectivity
10.35-11.10: Networking Refreshment Break
10.10-11.30: Powering Industrial Applications with Augmented Reality
11.30–12.10: Technology Update: Advancing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology
12.10-12.30: The View From Manufacturers
12.30-12.50: The Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology
12.50-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.30: The Connectivity Debate: Connectivity and Interoperability
14.30-14.50: Robotics and UAS – How Agriculture is Leading the Way with IoT in Industry
14.50-15.25: The Security Discussion: Securing Millions of Connected Devices
15.25-15.45: Networking Refreshment Break
15.45–16.05: How to Fix the Industrial IoT with Silicon-Layer Security
16.05-16.35: Partnership Panel: Partnerships: Fundamental to Success in IIoT
16.35-17.00 Your Industrial Internet Questions Answered by our expert Panel

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