Sam Woodward

Sam Woodward

Customer Education Leader, Lutron

Sam is responsible for the development and delivery of training on control of lighting and shading, for commercial and residential applications, for Lutron Electronics across Europe and Africa.

Sam is a published author, with books including the ‘IET Code of Practice for the Application of LED Lighting Systems’ and the ‘IET Code of Practice for Connected systems in Buildings’. He has a regular column in Lux Magazine, and frequently speaks at conferences, or as part of educational programmes at trade events; explaining the benefits of automating the control of lighting and its place in Smart Buildings. He is also a CEDIA volunteer educator.

Sam’s experience in the lighting industry spans over 14 years, with a specific focus on lighting controls. Prior to lighting he worked in the entertainment industry, both as a performer (he is former opera-singer), and as a special-effects engineer in film/TV (with credits including James Bond and Gladiator) and in stadium entertainment: touring with Robbie Williams. His performance-background, combined with his technical depth-of-knowledge, means Sam is in demand as a technology evangelist, bridging the gap between complex technical products and clear operational requirements.